Buyer Resources

Money is cheap (close to free, historically), home prices in Marin and Sonoma and selcet markets are flat and not going up. What’s not to love?


How do you combat fear? With facts. The facts point out that home ownership is by far one the best investments you can own. It’s the ultimate leveraging tool. You pay less in taxes when you own a home. Historically, the cash on cash return of your actual investment in a home is higher than almost any other investment. You can borrow money against your home. Do a reverse mortgage if that’s right for you. Put your investment home in a Self Directed IRA. And, of course, you can customize your home the way you want to and no one is going to give you 30 days notice that the rent is increasing or find a new apartment.

If you’ve been thinking about buying real estate, I’m happy to sit down with you and listen, not sell you on buying or talk over you, just listen and present the facts. If that sounds like a good way to get started then call me or email anytime.

When looking for a buyer agent, here are questions a top producing Real Estate agent like me should be able to readily answer:

1) How many buyers did you assist in purchases last year?

2) Do you know how to write an offer for a buyer who wants to purchase a short sale? An REO? A condo? A PUD?

3) Are you familiar with several types of lender financing available? Conventional, FHA, FHA 203K, VA, Fannie Mae Home Path, Seller Financing, and Portfolio Loans with lenders like First Republic Bank?

4) How long will I have to wait to close escrow on a conventional equity sale? A short sale? An REO? What is the average time a home stays on the market?

5) What are multiple offer situations and how can you help me compete effectively for a home that is highly desirable? How will you help me get my offer accepted over another?

6) Of the buyer’s you helped last year, how many didn’t get the house they offered on? Why?

7) What is the difference between a Single Family Residence, Condominium, Co-operative building, and a Planned Unit Development? Why would I want to own one over the other? What are the advantages to owning these types of housing? The disadvantages?

8) Do you know how to help me purchase a commercial property? How is buying a commercial property different than buying a residential one? What are the risks?

9) How many buyer sales have you completed in the Bay Area?

10) What is your ratio of buyer sales to listing sales? Do you have enough time to give to me and help me buy a home?

11) How much attention will you give me during the process of buying a home?

13) Do you do anything else besides selling real estate? e.g. manage other agents, home commitments, second job? (You’d be surprised how many “part time” Real Estate agents there are)

12) What kind of activities do you do for your buyers on a daily basis?

13) Can you show me a copy of your daily schedule? (This really tests some people!)

14) Can I have a list of the last ten clients with whom you have worked? May I call them?

15) What must I do before you will start showing me property and begin writing offers for me?

16) Can you provide me with a realistic timeline for my process of buying a home? Can you put that in writing and keep me updated several times a week?

I’m prepared to answer these questions and I get the job done right. Call me today and we’ll find you the home you’ve been looking for.